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Are Reactory Factory shows educational?   Yes, all of our shows are based on education first. Next we add fun and make sure the methods we use will be engaging to students of different learning styles including Audible, Visual, and Kinesthetic.  We don't do magic tricks, perform clown stunts,  or use cute animals and sprinkle  educational buzz words on top. All shows are based 100% on Science, Language Arts, Reading, Common Core and Sunshine State standards.

Are Reactory Factory shows approved in our school district?   Reactory Factory is an approved vendor in many Florida school districts already.  Because of the educational content of our program, Title One funds are often a good resource for these School Assemblies in Florida.  Reactory Factory is located in Florida

What grade level are your shows designed for?  We have developed shows for pre-schoolers all the way to 5th grade. Most of our programs are elementary school shows.  We do not create programs for middle or high schools.

Are there multi show discounts?   Of course.   We even have a discount program for schools that return their pre and post assessment for their students.  This way we know how effectively we are educating your students.

Why does Reactory Factory get kids moving?   We are on a mission to educate children in a fun and memorable way.  Aerobic activity not only increases blood flow to the brain, but also speeds recall and reasoning skills.  There are many scientific studies that have proven a direct connection between movement and learning.  Click this link for supporting information. http://www.wcs.edu/csh/brain.htm

Do you work with grants?  Yes, from time to time we are able to offer grants to schools.  Request to join our mailing list to stay current on these special opportunities.

Can teachers use Reactory Factory songs in the classroom?  Yes, songs can be downloaded from iTunes or Amazon.  We even have a music video channel that kids can watch for free at Reactory Factory TV.

Who is Reactory Factory and why do they do what they do?  Let us introduce ourselves, DJ Dan and Dr. Reacto, in no particular order.  We love kids, educating, playing music, technology, and just making things fun. Why else would we do this?

Why is there a Mad Science Tampa, Mad Science Orlando, etc yet only one Reactory Factory?  That is because Mad Science is a franchise, just like most mass-produced burger places.  Reactory Factory is more like a gourmet restaurant with custom organic dishes designed by chefs Dr. Reacto and DJ Dan.  We don’t do Mad Science. We have Fun Science!  Did I mention we’re Non-GMO?

Do you bring your own equipment?  Yes, we provide all of the high tech gadgets needs to make the event spectacular.  We even bring all sound and video projection equipment.


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