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Can't Find an Engaging Show Based on Science? Mad as a Hatter?

Problem Solved with the Reactory Factory™ Secret Lab Science Show

For Kids!

Pamela Burch

2012 Library of the Year-North Port Library

Wow! As always we loved your awesome performance! Thank you for sharing your creativity + immensely exciting show! The children and parents had tons of fun and learned so much too! 


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Why book a Reactory Factory library show?



Trust the content

 You need to Trust the content



  • Majority of parents say the library is important as a safe place for children to learn
  • PBS Ranks #1 in Public Trust - Twice the Level of Trust Than Courts of Law
  • Amazingly, Reactory Factory programs can be found in both places!

Pew Research Center and American Life Project Library Services Data


Kids want to be engaged



  • Music creates connections and is interactive
  • Music is proven to help with language, literacy, social, emotional, motor skills, math and science
  • Music is central in all Reactory Factory shows!



Easy to book as ABC



  • Quickly find available summer dates on our handy calendar
  • Feel relieved with prices libraries can afford
  • Reactory Factory is your Concierge for quality entertainment

Brittany Nethers

Youth Librarian

"...The kids (and parents) loved your show, and we are looking forward to having you back in the fall..."

Shows Made for Libraries

Reactory Factory produces quality programs for TV, Web and your Florida library.

Live shows for kids are available based on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Now the Superhero show you want- "Reactory Factory Saves the Earth"

"Be a good Reader" shows are also available, perfect for prek - 2nd grade.

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Live video shot at a library show