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 Ask about our Superhero show.

Reactory Factory Saves the Planet - Super Hero Show

Duration: 40 minutes

Target age range: preK –5th grade

 Summary: Reactory Factory gets kids excited about being a Hero and how they will find those 'super' powers.  Students learn about science, values and bullies as they participate in super-charged musical drama.

In the secret laboratory of Reactory Factory, Dr. Reacto concocts a plan for a new kind of Super Hero, a Reactory Hero! But can any hero defeat a bully like Chief Robot Evil Executive’s Party and their plan to disrupt the water cycle?  DJ Dan is more than a side kick in this adventure which challenges audience members to become heroes and use super powers they didn’t know they had.  Discover and learn principles of Science and what it takes to have Super Vision with Super Hearing and of course a Super Brain.  Declare this a No Bully Zone and make new friends in this in this high-tech, humorously entertaining musical and theatrical presentation.


Reactory Factory's Secret Science Lab 

Duration: 45 minutes

Target age range: preK –5th grade

Summary: Reactory Factory bring their secret lab to the audience for a fun hands-on introduction to the study of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEM + A = STEAM). 

Dr. Reacto and DJ Dan join forces to teach concepts through skit, original music, multi-media, involvement and demonstrations of these principles including a focus on problem solving, observation, discovery and exploration. The interactive demonstrations are kid friendly and safe for all environments.





Reactory Factory Jungle Party

Reactory Factory presents "Be a Good Reader"

Duration: 45 minutes

Target age range: pre-K - 2nd grade

Summary: The show is a musical concert style performance that is led by characters Dj Dan and Dr. Reacto and based on National Common Core educational standards. The children are taken on an imaginary journey where lessons about reading, writing, mathematics, science, character building, bully prevention and nutrition are taught through skits, music, and interactive movement. Space permitting, video projection is employed.

As seen on PBS, the Jungle Party song is performed during this show.